We are an informal book club, who focus on works of literature from the ancient world (with a very loose definition of 'ancient'). Each term, we read through one story, or a selection of shorter stories linked by a theme. In the year 2018 - 2019 we will meet every Saturday at 3:30 PM in room CC43, Cripps, Cout, Queen's College. The committee will provide tea and biscuits, so please bring along a mug!

Before the meeting: The Secretary will e-mail out the section of the text which will be read during the week. Normally this will be 6-10 pages, so it won't take too long to have a look at. Read it over, have a think; do you have any comments, questions?

During the meeting: Our meetings normally last 1.5-2 hours. One person will 'lead' the reading, having previously done background research. We then discuss the text, and everyone's comments and questions are equally welcomed, no matter what your level of knowledge.

The rest of the year: The decision on what to read next is made communally by all members, and all members are welcome to suggest a text to run. We also hold social events throughout the year. The highlights include our annual dinner in Lent term, and our fancy-dress garden party in May Week. Other events can include movies, museum outings and even trips further away! In fact, if you have suggestions, we would be happy to hear about them!